Community Participation

Art Fair at Aba-Al-Abbas Aba-Zaied School , Krkr

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6 October Celebration

the celebration was attended by Captain \ Ahmed Maher

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Training Of Trainers T.O.T


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Hosting “Ahmed Abazaid ” language school teachers

Activating the program of exchanging visits between schools,

” Aswan Notredame College” was honored by

“Ahmed Abazaid ” language school KG teachers visit.


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The day of “ Orphan’s Joy “

“Nuba el kheer” association cooperated with “Afaque” association to organaize

a fun day with the name of “Orphan’s joy ” to celebrate “Aladha ” blessed feast .

The day was held at Aswan Notredame College.

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Happy family is not coincidence

We aim to more than the educational service ; so we arranged this free training for the parents

They were also allowed to invite other parents from outside the school

;The training was done with the help of one of the parents

Dr. Maged Victor  an expert in Manchester college UK

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 Honoring The Ideal Mother

Aswan Notredame College Participated in the cermony of honoring

the “Ideal Mother” which was held by

the Directorate of Social Affairs – Family & Childhood department.


South Valley University Symposium

Representatives of Aswan Notredame College usually presents  some of

South Valley University cultural symposiums,

this symposium was named ” Al-Akkad , Freedom & Humanity”.

Huda Sharawy School visit


Visiting Huda Sharawy school ( Quality & Accreditation  certified ) , through

the program of exchanging visits between schools

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A Day Loving Egypt

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Nagib Mahfouz School Visit

Visiting Nagib Mahfouz french language school ( Quality & Accreditation  certified ) , through

the program of exchanging visits between schools

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