Thank you for your interest in ASWAN NOTRE DAME COLLEGE.

Aswan Notre Dame Schools aim to reach the vision goals & objectives,  an integrated  advanced of education, including skills following manners & participating effectively in social life.In Addition, enhancing the development of the Egyptian identity & building a new distinctive generation.

Online Application

Under the Admission page you will find a link where you can follow & fill the  Enrollment Application Form. In case of any help , please contact us.

Application Process

Applications and required documents should be submitted to Admissions Office after having a test of acceptance. Kindly be informed that the submission of the documents and having test do not mean the acceptance of students. So, parents are kindly requested to check the school administration.

Required Application Documents

  1. 12 personal photos of the applicant.
  2. A copy of the parent ( guardian ) national ID .
  3. The original electronic  birth certificate of the applicant.
Parents are kindly please requested to apply either :
  1. Online ( Click Here )
  2. At School

In both cases the student is going to have a placement test in order to be accepted. Applications will not be considered until all required documents have been submitted.


School fees                   ( three installments ), including the following :

  • The first due date is on admission, on 15th July .
  • The second is due on 15th October.
  • The third is due on 15th January .
  • Governorate  fees.
  • Activities fees
  • School Bus  ( two installments )
    • The first due date is on admission,from 1st June to 10th June.
    • The first due date is on admission,on 30th November.

Priority of acceptance is according to the priority of application and payment .

  • Advanced level text books.
  • Text books.  (according to MOE fees).
  • School uniform (according to size and the number of pieces).
  • The admission file ( is required only for fresh students or those who are transferring from one stage to the higher one.


  • The first installment is due at admission including the activities,the governorate and the file. The transportation fees is due above mentioned dates. Places are limited.
  • In case of not paying the bus fees, the student will not be allowed to the bus.
  • A 10 % discount for applying for a brother


TO APPLY : Click here




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