The syllabus

We provide the latest syllabuses which depend on learning through fun and aim to provide the student with the required knowledge and skills which help in the knowledge progress effectively.



  • All the teachers are Egyptian universities graduates and each of them is a specialist.
  • The school supports the teachers who are being trained regularly by experts of continuous technical development.

Kids follow-up

As a management board we believe that raising our children is a process that needs all the efforts of both school and home, so the school provides a lot of channels to follow our kids up in both the behavioural and knowledge aspects, these channels are

  1. The channel notebook.
  2. Meetings with the stage director.
  3. Meetings with the teachers.
  4. Calling school on the following numbers 4661643 – 4661645 – 01001634450
  5. E-mailing (  &
  6. communicating students & parents through the school website ( ) & a Facebook official account (Notredame Aswan), to follow up with updates , announcments, parties, honoring cermoies & any new events.
  7. Periodical reports on the child’s achievements

The educational programs presented

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Activity ( art – music – PE – swimming – computer – library – life skills – learning center – ….)
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