The school uniform

  • All students have to put on the school uniform chosen by school.
  • Students won’t be allowed to come to school wearing the PE clothes or trainers except for the days which include PE lessons.
  • The student’s name should be embroidered on the uniform.
  • Extra clothes should be sent for emergency , doesn’t have to be uniformed ( KG children are meant with this caution ).

The absence

  • The student’s absence reason should be reported in no more than 24 hours as the student won’t be allowed to the class except after a signed letter from the parent or a phone call.
  • In case of absence for three continuous days for illness, the student should present a medical report from the doctor concerned with the case.

Sanity and hygiene:

  • meals:
    • Meals should be in the assigned times only ; so no meals or drinks in halls.
    • Parents should give the children health food that gives them energy.
    • The following items are not allowed: ( chewing gum – crisps – fizzy drinks ( cola )).
  • Hygiene
    • Each kid should come to school in a clean shape, having the adequate sleeping hours; he/ she may be sent back home.
    • If any kid need any medications, they should be under control of the clinic.
    • Parents should inform teachers with any contagious diseases the child suffers.
    • Children are being checked regularly by the school nurse who can give the required medicines or do the first aid or refer the child to a hospital if necessary.

Attendance and Dismissing times

KG: 7:45 – 8:00 am. Till 1:00 pm

Primary & Preparatory : 7:30 – 7:45 am. Till 2:30 pm.

The uniform indicates that this kid belongs to ” Notre Dame ” school; so his/ her behaviour outside the school assures that he/ she deserves this uniform.

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