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Financial Policy

  • School fee: (on three installments).
    • The first due date is on admission, on 15th July .
    • The second is due on 15th September.
    • The third is due on 15th January .
    • School activities.
    • Governorate fees.
    • Activities fees
    • School Bus fees: ( on two installments)
      • The first due date is on admission,in 1st Jun.
      • The first due date is on admission,in 1st Nov.

    First come first served policy is applied.

    • Advanced level text books. The price will be decided according to the market prices.
    • Text books. The prices are decided by (MOE).
    • School uniform (according to size and the number of pieces).
    • The ministry decree fees will be decided as soon as they arrive.
    • The admission  costs 700.00 (Seven Hundred pounds) this is required only for the fresh students or those who are changing the stage.Deducted completely from the 1st installment.


  • The first installment is due at admission including activities, governorate and file. The transportation fee is due above mentioned dates. Places are limited.
  • The bus fees previously detailed is for early reservations (number of reservations is limited)In case of not paying the bus fees, the student will not be allowed to the bus.
  • A 5 % discount for applying for a brother/sister
  • A 7 % discount for applying for more brothers/sisters
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