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The Idea

The idea of the project

  • The idea started in January 2008.
  • The first step was in April 2008.
  • The owners of the school thought of launching a group of investing schools offer a unique educational system with high standards of quality to prepare a student with a unique character who acquires the required knowledge and skills which develop the spirit of creativity, thinking and inventing; so the student should be well-prepared for the higher education and work market after wards.
  • The project was completed in May 2010.


Aims of the project

  • Establishing a group of modern schools on the French style while keeping the Egyptian identity.
  • Enriching the educational process by keeping and changing the views of the majority of people about education and the ways of managing educational foundation. As the project will be managed by clear specific rules.
  • Helping the country to face the work market challenges by providing its needs of human skills which can push the development faster to face the continuous development in all fields.
  • Picking the best elements of skilful workers who can develop themselves.
  • Picking the best elements for the managing board according to the job ethics as to develop the spirit of unity of vision and co-operation and trust among all the workers. Doing so, we guarantee he best utilization of all the resources (human – financial – materialistic).
  • Building new modern buildings equipped with the latest means of information technology and communication; so we guarantee a healthy and safe atmosphere.
  • Enlarging the role of community partnership in schools management.
  • Preparing students to have a unique character.
  • Prepare students for a higher education and the work market.
  • Providing the different ways of entertainment for our children like: ( swimming pool – courts – playgrounds )

The work philosophy inside KG department in side the school

We work as a team each of its members ( teachers, administrative workers, social workers or kids ) has a role and job responsible for to achieve the aims perfectly as the team work is the only way which allows the quality level to reach its best.The school uniform


  • All children have to put on the school uniform chosen by school.
  • Children won’t be allowed to come to school wearing the PE clothes or trainers except for the days which include PE lessons.
  • The child’s name should be emberolded on the uniform.
  • Extra clothes should be sent for emergency ( doesn’t have to be uniformed ).
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